Civil Process Information & Records

The Records Division is responsible for the retention and release of Criminal Justice records information to the public and other law enforcement agencies. The Records Division only releases records maintained by the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center. All records are released in accordance with Federal and State statutes, Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) and Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) if applicable.

Open Burn Plan & Ordinance

The objective of this Open Burn Management Plan (the “Plan”) is to serve as a unified plan for management of open burns throughout the Wet Mountain Fire Protection District and within Custer County as to fire safety and air quality. 

Concealed Handgun Permit

Applications for Concealed Handgun Permits are handled through an assigned manager within the Sheriff's Office.  These permits are approved to all county residents who meet the requirements as set forth in Colorado Statute.  In an attempt to encourage residents to obtain their CHP, Sheriff Byerly has waived all office fees for the permits making it very affordable.

Drug Take Back Program

The Custer County Sheriffs Office partners with TakeMedsBack.Org offering 24 hour access for citizens to dispose of prescription medications. Displaying the bright green medical disposal box in the lobby is part of the commitment we have made to make drug disposal safer and easier.

Sheriff's Office Complaints

Our office provides an opportunity for people who believe they have had an unsatisfactory interaction with Sheriff's Office personnel to file a formal complaint.  The office conducts thorough reviews of all citizen complaints.  The Undersheriff handles all complaints against employees of the office unless there is a conflict or the complaint is made against him.

Fingerprinting/VIN Inspections

Custer County Sheriff’s Office provides fingerprinting services for non-criminal fingerprints for job applications, child care, teaching, liquor license, real estate, etc.

VIN inspections can be performed at our office or at another location in Custer County.

Sex Offender Registry

The Custer County Sheriff's Office registers convicted sexual offenders who reside in Custer County in accordance with state law. Sexual offenders are required to register quarterly, or annually, depending on the nature of the conviction. A list of sexual offenders who are registered with the Sheriff's Office can be obtained by going to the Sheriff's Office, Records Division and making a records request. The list can change on a daily basis as new offenders register and registered offenders move out of the area.

Victim Services

The victims assistance program provides victims with information on the rights afforded to them through the Victims Rights Act, C.R.S. 24-4.1-301(1) of the Colorado Constitution.  The main focus of the VA is to offer victims and witnesses of violent crime/death the support and aid necessary for them to mentally and physically adjust to the situation.  Mrs. Sandra Hernandez, Victims Advocate for the Sheriff’s Office, responds to victims of violent crime, victims in crisis, and family survivors.

Off-Highway Vehicle Ordinance

Custer County has worked to enable Off Road Vehicle enthusiasts more access through the county by opening all county roads to OHV's.  All person's operating an OHV on the county roads must have a valid Driver's License, Registration on the OHV, and insurance.

Sheriff's Office Fee Schedule

The Sheriff's Office has established an itemized Fee Schedule for specific services routinely provided by office personnel.