A highly-trained, all-volunteer organization supporting the Custer County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Custer County.

C.C.S.O.  Posse

Founded in 2003, the Custer County Sheriff’s Office Posse is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that serves as an extension of the Sheriff’s Office, providing public safety services to the citizens of Custer County.  Civic-minded Posse members donate their time (more than 3,300 hours in 2017) to assist the Sheriff’s Office in a multitude of functions at virtually no cost to Custer County taxpayers. The Posse is under the direct supervision of the Sheriff’s Office at all times.

Posse members have a diverse array of talents, knowledge and experience.  Their common goal is to give back to the community in ways that keep the County and its communities safe. 

To work in partnership with the Custer County Sheriff to Provide the citizens of Custer County with public safety services. 

Posse Duties

The Sheriff's Office requests Posse members to perform many duties including the following:

Provide security for community functions, festivals and other events

Traffic Control

School Patrol

Civil Standby

Backup patrol deputies

Inmate transfers


Courtroom security




Crime scene security


Assistance for major incidents and 

natural disasters (e.g. - wildland fires)