The Patrol Division is comprised of 7 Deputies and one Sergeant who are dedicated to provide professional service to the citizens of Custer County.  They are tasked with the day to day law enforcement duties within Custer County while performing various assignments such as calls for service on criminal activity, emergency calls, fire calls, traffic enforcement, Vehicle Identification Number verifications, civil service papers, traffic accident investigations, and citizen assistance to name a few. ​
Communications Center
The Communications center is staffed by 6 Dispatchers working around the clock every day of the year.  Dispatch personnel are responsible for all communications within the county.  They coordinate all emergency response in the county and some designated areas in Fremont County. This group of individuals answers the phone and begins the emergency response protocols for all calls made to the sheriff's office.  They answer the 911 emergencies, the calls for help and assistance, the irate individuals who are frustrated, the parent who has lost their child, and the person who wants to speak with a supervisor about the conduct of a deputy.  The communications Center is the heart of all emergency services within the county. 
Detention Center

The Custer County Detention Division is a 12 bed, male offender, full service facility. Detentions houses pre-adjudicated and adult offenders who have been sentenced for up to three years. Female offenders who are held for charges in Custer County are currently being housed in the Fremont County Detention Facility in Cañon City, Colorado. 

Detention staff have a wide range of duties to include booking and bonding paperwork for offenders and ensuring the housing unit is a safe and secure environment.   

Additionally, the Detentions supervisor coordinates the transfer and transport of offenders to court procedures and transfers across the state to and from other jail facilities.