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Sheriff Shannon Byerly​

Sheriff Byerly graduated from the Pueblo Regional Law Enforcement Academy in 2002 and earned a Criminal Justice degree in 2006.  While working at the highly regarded Canon City Colorado Police Department for 12 years, Sheriff Byerly was assigned to several different roles within the organization including Patrol Officer, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, and Administrative Sergeant.  In 2014 he was elected as the Sheriff of Custer County and assumed the office in January of 2015.

We provide the citizens of Custer County, in partnership with our communities, effective and efficient public safety services. We deliver these services with Character, Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Professionalism. 

Text to 9-1-1 is Now Available in Custer County
9-1-1: Call if You Can, Text if You Can’t

There may be times when someone needs emergency assistance but is unable to make a voice call to 9-1-1. In Custer County, there are some areas with poor cell service where a voice call isn’t possible, but a text message can be sent. This option is now available. Both AT&T and Verizon have activated this feature, and T-Mobile plans to be ready in February 2019.

Voice calls are still the best and fastest way to contact 9-1-1. However, sending a text may be a good option if the cell connection allows a text but not a voice call, if it is not safe to place a voice call, during a medical emergency that has rendered a person incapable of speech, or for someone who is hard of hearing or has a speech disability. Remember, don’t text and drive.

To send a Text-to-9-1-1, simply enter the numbers “911” in the “To” or “Recipient” field. The first text should be short, include the location of the emergency and ask for a deputy, ambulance, or fire assistance. Press “send” and be sure to answer any questions or follow instructions you receive from dispatch. Please do not use abbreviations or slang.

Keep in mind, dispatch may not be able to determine your location by simply receiving your text, so be sure to provide that information, along with your name and exactly what is happening.

Pictures or videos cannot be received by 9-1-1 at this time.

If anyone else is included on the Text-to-9-1-1, it may not be received.

Text-to-9-1-1 is not yet available everywhere and may not always available when roaming. If it is not available, or is temporarily unavailable for some reason, you should receive a message indicating that, and you can try contacting 9-1-1 by another means.

ONLY text 9-1-1 in an emergency. Prank-texters can be identified and possibly prosecuted.